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Accessibility Statement

At MeIncluded we understand the importance of accessibility - after all this is what we are trying to improve. So we’ve  done all we can to stick to the latest accessibility guidelines as outlined by the W3C in the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines – we explain a bit more about these at the bottom of the page. We’ve also made every effort to make the website compatible with assistive technology and usable by screen magnifiers and speech recognition software found on your operating system.

Text size

Reading text on a screen is not always easy for some people. The font size has been set at a minimum of 12pts and the Arial font has been used throughout to ensure text is a clear as possible without the need of resizing. At the top right hand side of the website you can also choose to increase the font size or you can use your browser to change the text size.

Many computer operating systems provide accessibility tools including onscreen magnification so it is worth seeing if these are available on yours.

Colour contrast

We have used background colours throughout which should contrast sufficiently with text making it easy to read. You can also use the Switch button at the top right hand side of the website to read white text against a black background.

If you need extra help

If you need extra help in using computers, the web and assistive technologies, there is some useful information at the BBC My Web, My Way website. Here you will find some videos and information to help you use the accessibility features of your computer and how to make it easier to use the web.

Accessibility limitations

Whilst we've tried to ensure this site is accessible, we might not be able to cover every eventuality. We've tried to communicate in clear and simple language but this isn’t always possible so please let us know if we could explain something clearer. 

Can we do anything to help you?

If you have any difficulty using our website or spot any problems, please send us your feedback by e-mailing and we’ll do what we can to make things clearer.  

Earlier on we mentioned the W3C in the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. These include:

• Contrasting foreground and background colours used throughout the site providing sufficient contrast when viewed by someone having colour deficits or when viewed on a black and white screen
• Images provided with an alternative, descriptive text
• Clear contrasting hover/tabbing states for interactive elements such as links and buttons
• Logical tabbing order created through links, form controls, and objects
• “Skip navigation option” for keyboard users
• Page contrast switcher for high-contrast version
• Page font size adjuster
• Descriptive form labels
• Visually hidden text descriptions used for interactive icons
• Aria-labels used to help assistive technology attach a label to otherwise anonymous HTML elements
• Metadata provided to add semantic information to pages and site
• Header and Footer elements used to convey document structure
• Clear and simple language used for site content

This accessibility statement was updated in October 2016. We will make sure we do all we can to make sure it remains as clear as it can be so we will be reviewing it every few months.