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Create a Disability Confident Business

Create a Disability Confident Business

Sign up and be Disability Confident... its easy

A question we ask at iansyst is – “if you have a disability and need extra support, who would you approach in your company?”

HR should be the immediate answer, but who in HR? And if there is someone, will they have the expertise to understand what is needed to make the correct adjustments for that staff member?

As it stands, 19 per cent of working age adults are disabled. Many have an invisible disability such as dyslexia, autism, epilepsy, mental illness – to name just a few. People with invisible conditions are less likely to tell their employer in an interview or will click the “prefer not to say” box in an application form.

To help businesses create inclusive workplaces that recruit and retain staff, the government’s Disability Confident scheme is in place to offer guidance for all organisations.

Why is this important?

There are a multitude of benefits of employing disabled people, such as accessing a larger pool of talent, recruiting higher quality candidates with a range of skills and driving innovation because you have staff who can see and interact with things differently.

However one of the most attractive reasons for businesses to get on board is because they will tap into the disabled consumer’s spending power of £249 billion.

By having an accessible workplace and diverse staffing, businesses will be more equipped to tap into this sum as they will be able to break down the barriers disabled customers currently face.

How we can help

At Iansyst, we are committed to helping businesses improve their support for staff. We often find that HR and senior management want to do the right thing but they may not know where to start or understand the types of adaptions that are needed.

We can partner with organisations across the UK and help them with their Disability Confident journey. It’s easy to sign up to the Disability Confident scheme – you can fill the form online! – and once the business has become a committed employer, we can help put a workplace adjustment framework in place.

Workplace adjustments

Under the Equality Act 2010, employers are legally required to make workplace adjustments for staff when they ask.

But what are workplace adjustments?

Take a person who has dyslexia who may be struggling to create their reports on time. They may need extra support or equipment to help become more productive and confident.

The best way to find exactly what they need is through a workplace assessment. This is when one of our coaches will visit the individual in their work space and assess their role and everyday work practices. They will create a report and offer recommendations to ensure the employee has a better working space.

This could include assistive technology, such as software, hardware and ergonomics, along with product training or it could include one-to-one coaching, where a member of our team can offer coping strategies for the individual within their role.

If financial support is needed for the adjustments, the employee can go through Access to Work and with support of their line manager, they can get the adjustments in place and the cost can be covered by the government.

In 2018, the number of sign-ups to Disability Confident reached the 10,000 mark. In 2019, we hope to see more businesses get on board and ensure recruiting disabled talent is at the top of the agenda.

On the 14th of March 2019, we will be hosting a free conference at the Hauser Forum, Cambridge that focuses on creating Disability Confident workplaces. This will include guest speakers offering guidance on disability inclusion, assistive technology suppliers showing live demos and lunch will be included.

For more information about iansyst’s workplace adjustment services, visit or ring 01223 420 101.