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Supporting #WeThe15

Supporting #WeThe15

WeThe15 - what’s the story?

In August 2021 the biggest ever human rights movement to represent the world’s 1.2 billion persons with disabilities was launched by a coalition of international organisations from the worlds of sport, human rights, policy, business, arts, and entertainment.

WeThe15 wants to put disability right at the heart of the inclusion agenda, alongside ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation. To do that we need to have conversations with many people, which is why we welcome media engagement in the WeThe15 movement.

Our message is clear: disability is humanity, not an abnormality. Everyone gains when everyone us equal: your family, your friends, your neighbours, your communities, your colleagues, your readers, listeners and viewers. By telling their stories, together we can make a tangible and well overdue difference for the planet’s largest marginalised group.

Over the next decade the WeThe15 movements aims to provide and engage media around disability and human rights: some of the stories will be about hope and unity, but we’ll also not shy away from tackling themes of health, education, poverty, legal representation, employment and social justice. We’ll be speaking about stories of:

  • Human potential, as we put persons with disabilities at the heart of the diversity and inclusion agenda.
  • Accountability in action, as we implement a range of activities targeting governments, businesses, and the public to drive social inclusion for persons with disabilities.
  • High-profile campaigns, as we break down societal and systemic barriers that are preventing persons with disabilities from fulfilling their potential and being active members of society.
  • Solidarity, as we ensure greater awareness, visibility, and representation of persons with disabilities.
  • Radical change, as we promote the role of assistive technology as a vehicle to driving social inclusion.