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U2, Airport Way, Luton
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about 1 year
Adrian S

The complaint I have lodged with boots customer services I am a disabled person who requires a wheelchair for mobility ... and Today I visited the boots chemists in departures at Luton airport. Firstly every aisle I went down I had to ask other shoppers to vacate to let me through, it was not just a matter of them standing to the side as I couldn’t pass them safely. The aisles are clearly designed so that two ambulant people can pass and does not consider the disabled in any way. The when I go to pay there is the queue aisle to negotiate and as someone was being served at the first till I could not get through to a vacant till further down. When I eventually get to the till I realised that none of them are even designed for the service of a wheelchair bound person. In this day and age it is disgusting that at company such as Boots allow their designers to clearly make the assumption that disabled passengers do not travel alone through airports. How come Boots can’t get it right when I can get around WH Smith in the airport without any of this problem.

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