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Claybury Broadway (Stop CL)

United Kingdom
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5 months
Khalid R

Deplorable and dangerous service received by the bus driver today. I am disabled person in a wheelchair. This morning, after ... many months not being able to go out, my carer took me out. Upon arriving at the bus stop, the look from him showed he didn't want us to board the bus, giving us a disgusting look. He opened the door and said, "can you get out off the wheelchair and board the bus". What type of crap is this, and to be treated in this manner by him!!!. He showed no remorse nor empathy, which is the key when dealing with a disabled person. He discriminated against me as a disabled person!!! Disabled people are also human beings and should not be treated with contempt. I have never been treated in this way before. Is this a NEW TFL POLICY??? He deliberately parked the bus dangerously and at the widest part away from the kerb. The ramp rested on the road. Thus, boarding the bus made it dangerous not only me but also my carer who tried to control my wheelchair from toppling over, because she had reverse up the ramp. As a result, she twisted her wrist and sustaining an injury. He started the bus and didn't wait till I had applied my brakes. Thereby, my carer controlled the wheelchair while I applied the brakes. His driving was erratic and dangerous. He only slowed down, when he saw my carer take a photo of bus number on your Complaint Procedure Poster. This is a despicable and discriminating act by your driver!!!! I have posted this also to: By: Khalid Rashid

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