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Aspire Leisure Centre

Wood Lane, Stanmore

Open 06:00-22:00

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9 months

This afternoon, Sunday 18 of November 2018, my disabled son Alex went with two carers to the Aspire Leisure ... Centre Wood Lane, Stanmore, in order to use the pool. As on three previous visits over the last 2 months the hoist had not been working the carers rang beforehand and were assured the hoist was working. When they arrived, after over an hour’s drive, they found it was not in fact working. Arranging these swimming sessions involves some considerable planning and costs (two carers for 3 hours each and the use of a special transport vehicle). That the hoist has not been working for at least one month or more is unacceptable. That the staff would vouch for the hoist without any real knowledge of whether it is functioning or not is TOTALLY unacceptable.

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