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The Crown Hotel

Crown Place, Harrogate
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10 months
Steve N

The Crown Hotel is surprisingly accessible for an old building. Which shows it can be done. The front entrance ... has ramp access with a wheelchair accessible door that opens via a button which is at the right height. As part of a wedding party we were moving between room. The doors were wide but heavy and i needed someone else to be with me to gain access. When we moved to a function room on a lower ground floor there was a lift specifially for wheelchair users and people with mobility issues (and there were a number in our party who needed to use a walking aid). The accessible loo was fine. The bedroom I was in was massive, and although it could have been more accessible, being able to get around easily in the room really helped. I had some difficulty getting seen to be served at both bars and needed a family member to point out that I'd been waiting. And the parking is very restricted, so if you need a disabled parking bay you really do need to ask the hotel to reserve a space for you and put your name against the space so no-one else will park there.

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