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30 Cornhill, Bridgwater

Open 12:00-23:00

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about 1 year
Jacqueline H

My 10 year old son has Type 1 diabetes which means we have to closely watch what he eats ... and work out the carbs for all meals, delivering insulin accordingly. When staying overnight in Bridgwater we went to Prezzo assuming it would be like other pizza chains which have all the carb content for all their meals. Sadly this was not the case and the manager was positively obstructive as well as appearing not to care. Pizza varies enormously in carb content and is difficult to manage as it is very carb heavy. Based on other pizza restaurants carb information we had to guess the carbs but got it wrong and my son had a very difficult night with very high blood sugar. I wrote to Prezzo head office asking why they did not have the carb information available when their competitors do. The reply was that they change their menu too frequently - my response was that I change my menu every day but manage it. Other restaurants are much more responsive to the needs of a diabetic and as there are possibly as many as 4million in this country (admittedly the majority are Type 2 but they still need to know) there is a strong business case for improving their attitude. Interestingly after talking to a friend whose child has multiple allergies she received a similar response from another Prezzo restaurant. It seems therefore that Prezzo do not care about their customers needs. I wrote to Prezzo

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