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Homebase - Cookstown

Orritor Road, Cookstown

Open 08:00-21:00

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7 months
Tegan W

Homebase cookstown has a great variety of products and often have 'end of line' products at greatly reduced prices. ... However, the entire right hand side of the store where the majority of these products can be found is a complete nightmare to get around in a wheelchair. Baskets or random stands are frequently placed at Both ends of the aisles, as well as the occasional wire basket mid-aisle. The same problem occurs in the fireplace, heater and seasonal sections in the middle of the store, where the aisles also seem a bit narrower. I would be weary of being able to go round this area for fear of knocking against the displays. It's a pity because I would love to be able to get round the Christmas displays and stands. I have not visited the store since spring time as it's more stress than it's worth trying to get around, and the stress is further compounded by the difficult navigation to the toilets. Getting to the back of the store where the toilets are is easy, and they are located just off the back aisle which is pretty much clutter free. However, to go into the toilets you have to open a very heavy door that has no assistive opening device but has a door closing spring which closes a bit too quickly when you are trying to manovre through the plastic rails at each side of the door of the anti theft alarm system. If you manage to get the door open successfully without Damaging your wheelchair, the door frame, and the alarm system or getting stuck between the door and the frame then getting into one of the 2 toilets is pretty easy, though there's not a lot of room for maneuvering in the bathroom area. Coming back out again is not much easier as you have to pull the door open, move yourself backwards then try and hold the door open as you maneuver out again. I have an electric wheelchair and found it extremely difficult but would imagine that anyone in a manual wheelchair would find it more difficult as I could use one hand to try and keep the door open and move the joystick with the other. The only sections I have never had any issues with are the painting and decorating section and the outdoor gardening section.

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