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How you can help

Disabled person with a stick

A visit to a coffee shop or the bank, for example

How accessible is the business

How accessible are they?

Leave your feedback

Leave feedback about your experience

Help others who can check before they go

Help others who can check before they go

  • NEW! - leave feedback on how business are protecting you against Covid-19
  • Share your experiences of accessibility and help improve lives
  • Leaving feedback is easy
  • Every review helps improve accessibility and creates more choice
  • Download our free App at Google Play Store or iTunes App Store

You can help by leaving feedback about your experience of accessibility about the places you visit or journeys you have taken on the MeIncluded website. We will then work with businesses to help them improve the accessible services they provide by better understanding what matters to you, their customers.

Covid-19 has changed the lives of everyone and it is especially important now more than ever to make sure you are protected. Leaving a review of how businesses are making sure they protect disabled or vulnerable people against Coronavirus can save lives and help bring an end to this dreadful pandemic.

Anyone can leave feedback about their experience of using a business or service provider in the United Kingdom and you can do it there and then or maybe later at home.

Your feedback will help give people far more choice in their daily lives. Your experiences will build the review section and provide invaluable information for anyone wanting to know how accessible a venue is. This is more than just ticking the boxes - its about what's really happening.

We believe that MeIncluded will:

  • Improve accessibility for disabled people in their day to day lives by providing a collective and more powerful voice to bring about change
  • Produce a wealth of customer insight so businesses can hear what's important to their customers and employees
  • Improve business reputation and their ethical approach towards accessibility and inclusion
  • Build a growing community of people who share information of how businesses comply with the Equality Act and the services they provide
  • Measurably improve standards of accessibility and reduce the amount of effort needed for someone to use those services