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MeIncluded for Business

If all those responding to the needs of disabled people engaged with them, listened to them, and took account of their views, all would benefit.
House of Lords Select Committee Report 2016
  • Partnerships
  • Improving lives
  • A brand new opportunity for businesses

Accessible customer service

MeIncluded are here to capture the voice of the customer to make it heard by the people who can make a difference - the UK's business community.

The need to be accessible is often talked about in isolation and it becomes this 'big thing' that you have to do alongside everything else. That can be overwhelming and sometimes it's just not that easy to know where to start.

Yes, being accessible is a legal requirement. But rather than treating accessibility as an extra set of rules, it's really about providing good customer service. And the ultimate aim is that it isn't a big deal for anyone, it just happens.

Sadly, according to recent government figures, 100 people in the UK start losing their sight every day whilst hearing loss affects 10 million people. This is why providing accessible services is so important.

Accessible customer service

How MeIncluded can help your business

Disabled people represent a massive untapped market for business with a collective spending power of £249 billion. Harnessing the power of the ‘purple pound’ creates a virtuous circle of more financial independence and the choices that come with it for individuals, that in turn represent huge economic opportunities for businesses.

Why becoming a MeIncluded member makes complete business sense. Look at our short video here

By becoming a MeIncluded member you will gain valuable insight into what really matters to your customers, driving up satisfaction, help you meet your legal obligations and become a market leader. We are totally independent and offer a voice of reason, providing a balanced view to support businesses and your customers.

We are different in that we don't just take a one-off snapshot of accessibility. We all know things change from day to day and an audit or survey carried out today could be out of date tomorrow - not a way to invest wisely.

MeIncluded provide exclusive benchmarking opportunities, customer insight, business intelligence and continual assessment that will help your business grow.

We can also offer you the MeIncluded ACEscore™ - a unique assessment tool that looks at how easy it is - or not - for people with disabilities to use businesses.

How MeIncluded can help your business


With our unique Accessibility Customer Effort score™ becoming a MeIncluded member will give you a quick and easy way to evaluate how your business can make things easier for your customers

ACEscore™ will support your business goals and is seen as one of the best customer insight metrics to drive customer loyalty and experience. This is valuable information not currently readily available to businesses – but it’s easy to implement and track over time.

MeIncluded will provide you with the insight you need to know about your business and how you are doing compared to your competitors.

Why make your business more accessible?

  • It's good for your customers - it's not just disabled people who benefit; it's their families and friends - in fact just about anyone who wants to use your service
  • The power of the purple pound - huge opportunties to tap into a market with a collective spending power of £249 billion
  • Its good business sense - Increasing accessibility is the right thing to do but will increase the customers who use your business
Remember, it’s the law to make your business accessible

Remember, it’s the law to make your business accessible

The costs of doing nothing


of disabled customers have ‘walked’ away from a retailer’s premises because they did not cater adequately for them*

7 out of10

(70%) had left a high street shop


had left a restaurant, pub or club and 27% had left a supermarket*

So how can this improve your business?

  • Improve your accessibility and quality of customer service

  • Grow your customer base

  • Understand your customer's needs

  • Confidently promote your true level of accessibility

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