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MeIncluded for Business

If all those responding to the needs of disabled people engaged with them, listened to them, and took account of their views, all would benefit.
House of Lords Select Committee Report 2016
  • Partnerships
  • Improving lives
  • A brand new opportunity for businesses

Accreditation for businesses improving accessibility

At MeIncluded our aim is to improve accessibility in the high street by capturing the voice of the customer and have it heard by the people who can make a real difference - the UK's business community

We want to recognise and acknowledge businesses who work towards making real changes that will benefit their disabled customers

That’s why we are now offering businesses a new and unique opportunity to achieve an accreditation for improving accessibility, benefiting customers and businesses together


The need to be accessible is often talked about in isolation and it becomes this 'big thing' that you have to do alongside everything else. It can be overwhelming and sometimes just not that easy to know where to start

This is why we have introduced a brand new initiative to support businesses and employers strive towards improving accessibility through a measurable and practical accreditation scheme designed to suit any organisation

No matter how well established your business may be, it’s shape or size, or what part of the ‘accessibility’ journey it’s on, you will be able to demonstrate how your business is committed to improving accessibility, how it’s delivering improvements, and ultimately reach a point where your business inspires others


We are offering businesses a means to attain an accreditation mark that will demonstrate a commitment to improving accessibility, enhancing business reputation and raising the standard of customer service.


Gold level sets the standard for accessible organisations by capturing customer insight through multiple channels. At this level you’ll be able to show that you consistently meet the criteria set under both the Bronze and Silver Accreditation. You’ll be a leader in your approach to accessibility and a role model for others to follow

As well as capturing on-going customer feedback through, several months into working towards your Gold Accreditation, independent ‘mystery shoppers’ will provide qualitative feedback on their experiences, to test if accessibility is proactively embedded into the service you offer to customers

As well as the information and support we provide under our Bronze and Silver Accreditation, you’ll receive regular monthly dashboard updates on what your customers are saying – as well as bi-annual progress reports presented onsite, to share the findings and key themes from customer feedback


Silver level builds on the commitment to improve accessibility by demonstrating how your business is delivering changes by encouraging and listening to customer feedback. We move beyond the achievement of the Bronze Accreditation to review the level and consistency of services and facilities on offer across your organisation and highlight any differences or gaps that may exist between different areas/sites

Through the feedback your customers leave on we’ll share with you what your customers are saying and feeling about the quality, consistency and availability of the services you offer, so that over time you can see if the changes you’re making are working for your customers.

As well as providing a gap analysis report on the consistency and quality of services you offer across your organisation, we’ll provide quarterly dashboard updates on what your customers are saying


Bronze level illustrates how your business is on the right path towards having a strong strategic foundation to cement accessibility into its core values. At this level - through a detailed self-assessment - you’ll demonstrate how accessibility is included in your corporate strategy and that you have the appropriate policies, procedures and resources in place to support your focus on accessibility and meet your legal obligations under the Equality Act 2010. We then review the results from your self-assessment results and provide a recommendations report to identify any gaps and help you get to where you need to be

Accreditation for businesses improving accessibility

Why make your business more accessible?

  • It's good for your customers - it's not just disabled people who benefit; it's their families and friends - in fact just about anyone who wants to use your service
  • The power of the purple pound - huge opportunties to tap into a market with a collective spending power of £249 billion
  • Its good business sense - Increasing accessibility is the right thing to do but will increase the customers who use your business
Being accessible will improve business reputation

Being accessible will improve business reputation

The costs of doing nothing


of disabled customers have ‘walked’ away from a retailer’s premises because they did not cater adequately for them*

7 out of10

(70%) had left a high street shop


had left a restaurant, pub or club and 27% had left a supermarket*

So how can this improve your business?

  • Improve your accessibility and quality of customer service

  • Grow your customer base

  • Understand your customer's needs

  • Achieve Accreditation for your business

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