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Us Included

MeIncluded is a social enterprise with over 30 years experience in frontline customer service - from complaints handling and customer experience and insight, to accessibility and inclusion, improving public services and business change. 

Our social mission is clear – we aim to improve the lives of millions of people by giving them a collective, more powerful and influential voice that lead to changes that make a real difference. 

We started MeIncluded because of a shared passion. We have firsthand experience of knowing what it’s like to come across an inaccessible service or venue. And we want to do something positive to improve the quality of accessibility in the kinds of everyday services many of us can end up taking for granted. 

Our intention is to help make communities stronger by telling businesses what people are saying works well or what needs to improve. Good customer service is important to businesses - they have the power to make a massive difference in solving problems and improve the accessible services they provide.